Full-HD-Video 17:29 min
“Mannequin Stunt, 2020”
Director : Suck Park Magazine(Min-Suck Kim & Hyunho Park)

A Mannequin is an object imitating the human figure to meet certain desires of people: as a means to display clothes on show windows, as a dummy in crash experiments, or a teaching tool in first-aid CPR training. Due to its resemblance to humans and its disassemble ability, a mannequin is frequently used in plays and films to substitute a living ‘body(corps)’ or ‘corpse’. Yet, no matter how diligently it imitates human beings, its “faux” nature inherently leads to limitations.

Meanwhile, this subject is animated by performing and expressing the desires and risks in lieu of humans. In other words, the body of a mannequin functions only by being articulated with the human desire, as self-preserving conatus or poiesis does not exist in a mannequin.

While the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has brought upon far-reaching changes in our daily lives and poses actual threat to people, other types of fears and dangers have newly started to surface as well. In the midst of this, two Asian men penetrate a vacation spot in Ostsee, Germany with a mannequin only left with the lower half of the body. (The body of) a mannequin emptied of human desire is “containerized”; can cross boundaries of races, genders, cultures and identities, and act as a medium to stimulate new areas of perception.

Unflattening our viewpoint, we direct our attention to this half-body mannequin and want to talk about plasticity that derives from a hollow dummy repeatedly filled and emptied of numerous questions. At times where our daily lives become stunts and stunts fill our life, Germany’s favorite tourist spot transforms into a circus stage playing the danger of the day.